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Regress v1.92 Released

by snnerd


Bug fixes

Fixed an issue where guided setup item ‘Install Additional Features’ was missing, which allowed the installation of Field Value Validation functionality.

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Bug fixes

Fixed an issue where the ‘Create User’ Test Step would be created a second time for the same user in error.

Fixed an issue where the Regress Variable set could not be added to existing items with breaks.

The ‘Validate Outbound Email’ Test Step is now used by default instead of Record Query and can no longer be selected.

New Features

In Guided Setup, you can now apply Regress to all portals and catalog items on setup in one step. After this step, all future Catalog Items will automatically have the Regress Variable Set added. This is not captured in Update Sets.

You can now right-click on a field to add it to a Field Value Validation Test Step based on the value when the form was submitted. This feature must be enabled in Guided Setup and will customise a UI macro.

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