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Regress ATF Recorder

A utility that automatically generates Tests & Tests Steps in the Automated Test Framework for records as you action them in the User Interface, as shown at Knowledge2021 and previously at Knowledge2020 in my session Success Meetup: Community MVP Paul Morris – Automated testing and the role of community as a guide.

Auto-populate Test Steps based on your actions

When enabled, Regress will snapshot the state of a form when the form is submitted. The snapshot is converted into ATF Test Steps in an auto-generated ATF Test.

For more details, please visit

Download Regress – ATF Form Snapshot Recorder from ServiceNow Share.


GlideAjax is Best Practice – but it takes so long to write!
Not anymore!
The SmartAjax solution provides an API to do GlidaAjax Data Lookups with 1 LOC, similar to g_form.getReference(). Based on code from the blog series How to Write SmartAjax Quickly, specifically Part 4 – How To Implement GlideAjax with 1 LOC

The API works in a similar way to g_from.getReference(), with the following additional features:

* Only returns the fields you want (optional 3rd parameter)
* Returns display values of all fields (preventing round trip)

g_form.getReference() is not considered Best Practice (violates Minimize Server Lookups), as it does not return Display values and returns all fields the user has read access to, which is often unnecessary.

s_ajax.getReference() runs in much the same way, using a callback function, without these issues. Only one extra parameter is required, an array of field names you want to retrieve from the server. It results in a much faster, cleaner, re-usable solution.

Use getDisplayValue() on the return object to retrieve the Display value.

Download SmartAjax from ServiceNow Share.

Invalid Scope Update Set Fixer

Adds UI Actions to Update Sets to detect and move updates captured within an update set of another scope, providing a fix to prevent the “Cannot commit Update Set :Update scope id is different than update set scope id” error.

Check For Invalid Scope Updates

For a given Update Set(s), this will output a list of scopes found in customer updates that do not match the update set.

Move Invalid Scope Updates

Automatically moves any customer updates that do not match the update sets scope into a new update set of the correct scope, which will be created as a child of the current update set.

This project originally started as part of a ServiceNow Developer Live Coding Happy Hour.

Download Invalid Scope Update Set Fixer from ServiceNow Share.

Enable Guided Setup

Opens up access to create Guided Setups for admins.

Based on Blog Adding a Guided Setup to your Store app (not by me), allowing you to skip straight to Step 6.

Also includes the addition of Module ‘Guided Setup Groups’ for easier navigation.

Download Enable Guided Setup from ServiceNow Share.

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